fMRI and MEG Systems



Integrate Eye Tracking with fMRI, MEG, and More

The Fiber Optic Camera upgrade and Long Range Mount allow the EyeLink 1000 Plus camera to be used in MRI, MEG and other eye tracking scenarios that require the optics to be up to 150 cm from the eye.

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The EyeLink 1000 Plus is the fastest, most precise and accurate eye-tracker for MRI and MEG.

The same EyeLink 1000 Plus Camera can be used both as a relay for the fiber optic camera in MRI and MEG environments or in traditional eye-tracking laboratories (with a suitable mount).

The Long Range components attach to desktop, tray-mount, screen mount or other custom mounting base.

The EyeLink 1000 Plus Long Range components have low interference, non-ferromagnetic optimized design for MRI and MEG.

All components are easily removed from scanner room when not in use.

A simple “Point, Focus, Click” procedure between subjects ensures that scanning time is not wasted.

Compatible with Philips Achieva, Siemens Prisma, Trio, Skyra, Verio, Allegra and Magnetom 7T systems, GE Signa and Discovery series, Bruker and other MRI manufacturers.

Compatible with multiple head coils.

Compatible with CTF, Elekta, 4D Yokohama and other MEG manufacturers, in upright and supine positions.

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