Electrospinning Industrial Machine



Doxa® solves the problem related to moderate production shown by Electrospinning and Electrospraying techniques launching High Throughput Electrospinning Industrial Machine where Multi-Injectors based on Doxa® Multiplexed Nozzle Technology are assemblied into a major system to obtain the desired production level using a continuous collector.

Doxa® offers Standard Electrospinning Industrial Machine to fulfill the throughput requirements of companies that needs to produce large quantities of high quality nanofiber-based products.

Nanofiber-based Nonwoven membranes/scaffolds/mats, massive functional nanoparticles or thin coatings homogeneously deposited onto flexible industrial nonwoven rolls (width up to 1.7 meters) can be produced.

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Технические характеристики

Manufactured following the criteria of Doxa® SD scientists and engineers to fulfill customer´s requirements and the quality standards.
Can produce large amount of Nanoparticle as well as Nanofiber structures deposited on a roll substrate.
Designed and optimized to work with Doxa® Electrospinning & Electrospraying Tech.
Designed to work with any polymer solution reported in the scientific literature.
Security measures to allow safe operation: air renovation and HV protection systems.
Includes a Take up Roller and a PP nonwoven Roll (Width up to 1.7 m).
Automated height (Z) to adjust distance nozzle-collector and roll velocity (Y) controlled by touch panel.
Automated Motion Injector Platform (X) controlled by touch panel for homogeneous thickness membrane production.
High uptime and easy maintenance/cleaning.
Ease of integration into existing production lines.
Non-stop operation.
CE compliance.
Ease to set new formats and requirements.
Extra Safety features: Smoke, Temperature and Humidity detection systems.
Dimensions: 2010/2300/2090 mm.
Power supply: 210-230 V, 50-60 Hz.
Power consumption: < 2000 W for standard machine.
Diameter of the ventilation connection: 100 mm.
Extraction flow rate: up to 150 m3/h.
The machine is supplied with a very complete manual that can be looked up by the user in case of need.

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