Extracellular Recording System



This system is designed for recording extracellular signals using an AC/DC Differential Amplifier with Active Headstage, which is compatible with either glass or metal microelectrodes.

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Extracellular recordings include:

Single Unit Recording – records the electrical activity of a single neuron with a small tip electrode

Multi Unit Recording – records electrical activity generated by several neurons

Field Potentials – records the field potential generated from indistinguishable activity generated by many cells

Amperometry – records changes in the chemical composition of the oxidized components of a biological sample using a carbon electrode

It can also be used to record weak EEG and ECG. Microelectrodes are purchased separately. Please contact your ADInstruments representative for more information if required.

The system includes:

PowerLab 8/35 and LabChart Pro software (includes the Spike Histogram Module)

Differential Amplifier with Active Headstage

19 Inch Rack Adapter

E Series Electrode Holder (Str, Ag Wire, 1.5 mm) — to fit a 1.5 mm outer diameter glass microelectrode (purchased separately)

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