Intracellular Recording System



The Intracellular Recording System includes a high impedance electrometer for easy, accurate and reliable intracellular recordings and current injections. The electrometer consists of two sections; the probe headstage and the controller which contains the signal conditioning, monitoring and power circuitry.

Фото галерея

Технические характеристики

Input Impedance: 5 x 1011 Ω shunted by 0.5 pF

Output Resistance: 100 Ω

Gain: x1 ± 0.1%

Probe Input Range: ±10 V

Risetime (10-90%): 25 µsec, measured through 20 MΩ

Noise Level: 25 µV p-p input shorted (0.1 Hz to 10 kHz) at x1 output & 250 µV p-p, 20 MΩ at input

Capacitance Compensation: 0-50 pF

Leakage Current: 1 pA typical, adjustable to zero

Input Offset: ± 200 mV, referred to input

Electrode Resistance Test: 1 mV/MΩ (Low Range) & 10 mV/MΩ (High Range)

Buzz: Amplitude variable 0 to 15 V

Frequency variable 100 Hz to 10 kHz

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