Neurophysiology Symposium Artscientific 2020

Dear friends, the Artscientific 2020 Symposium on Neurophysiology is approaching! We invite all our colleagues and partners to the upcoming seminar in a small town near Amsterdam, Dalfsen, in the Netherlands. The Artinis Symposium is an open platform for NIRS enthusiasts. Our visitors include academic students, scientists and researchers, both experienced and beginners. We offer great practical experience, NIRS seminars, scientific lectures, social events and opportunities to share our experience with us and other participants. Key topics will include recent developments in neurobiology, brain-computer interaction (BCI), psychology, neonatology, sports science, physiology, and multimodal applications such as NIRS-EEG-tCS.

This year at the seminar are: Prof. Marco Ferrari – University of Aquila, Italy. Dr. Felix Scholkmann – University of Zurich, Switzerland. Prof. Guillaume Millet – Jean Monnet University, France. Dr. Wei-Peng Theo – Nanyang University of Technology, Singapore.

Symposium Program

Thursday, June 11, 2020
12.00 arrival and registration of participants
nirs basic training, basic knowledge.
13.00 Welcome address by Dr. Willy Collier, CEO of artinis
latest artinis plenary
coffee break
demos, working with demos
19.00 dinner together
Friday, June 12, 2020
08.30 novelty nirs
keynote speakers
coffee break tmsi collaborative posters and eeg demo
side sessions
photo session and lunch break
coffee break
joint posters and an e-demonstration from the tmsi brand
parallel sessions
keynote address
barbecue < / span>
Saturday, June 13, 2020
09.00 keynote address
coffee break
keynote speakers
concurrent sessions
13.00 lunch

If you have any suggestions, please contact us. Sincerely, The Spectral Systems Team

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